Williams Distinctive Floors FAQ’s:

1 \\\ What is the “Green Vision” of Williams Distinctive Floors?
We understand that our world has diminishing natural resources, and so we incorporate “green” products into our projects whenever possible. We use Cork, Leather, Bamboo, Reclaimed Hardwood and, Hardwoods that are Forest Stewardship Council certified for chain of custody. This chain of custody ensures that the wood is only produced from sustainable, legal forestry. We are also on the lookout for new products that are able to generate points for LEED certification on building /remodeling projects. We use the most environmentally friendly adhesives, stains, finishes, and flooring on our jobsites whenever the customer’s choices permit us to do so.

2 \\\ Do you have a showroom?
No, we prefer to meet with customers, interior designers, architects, to determine what their preferences are for a particular job and then source samples from various distributors to submit for review and approval. We often make suggestions about what mediums are appropriate for a given situation and desired look. Once these preferences are determined, we can direct the customer to showrooms, if necessary, that showcase their particular choices. We are hoping to preserve this business model as we feel it is more environmentally responsible.

3 \\\ Do I have to buy my flooring from you to have your technicians install it?
No, we offer installation-only services. We also refinish existing hardwood, bamboo, and cork floors.

4 \\\ What kind of guarantee do you offer?
We offer a 4-year installation guarantee. That is twice what the Arizona Registrar of Contractors requires us to provide. We are confident in our technical abilities and want to give the customer something tangible to reflect this fact.